We are excited to announce the launch of vSpace Guardian. It is a category-based web filtering service, designed to let you manage, control and monitor the internet experience by using 70 pre-defined categories that selectively block over 140 million websites.
With seamless automatic updates, vSpace Guardian ensures that you are up-to-date. The predefined policy categories are constantly updated with new websites such as social media, gaming, adult content and other malicious sites.
So what sparked the idea of vSpace Guardian?
As CEO of NComputing, what I enjoy about my job is having the opportunity to talk to people from all walks of life and how they use technology to make a difference in their lives. I would frequently get asked one question–How can I protect the computing environment for their kids or employees so they may thrive in a digital world inherent with risk?
This got me to thinking how the innovative usage of the internet has given opportunities to businesses and schools to be smarter and well-connected, but not without its own set of challenges.
In today’s world, the internet is like the wild west. Children have accessibility to content that parents could never have imagined. It has become imperative that parents make sure that their kids spend time constructively and shield them from inappropriate websites.
And as I have spoken to people from businesses, I realized many good reasons to monitor internet usage. To begin with, accessibility to time-hogging websites such as social media and gaming websites can impact employee productivity. And if this was not enough, non-work-related internet activity could be dangerous to the network because of web threats. In addition, accessibility to bandwidth-hogging websites can lead to slow access to mission-critical applications such as CRMs and corporate email.